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SafeTraces data-driven testing, verification and commissioning service enhances health, safety, and performance in learning environments while reducing utility, service & maintenance costs.

Trusted by Industry and Institutional Leaders

Safe & energy-efficient educational facilities with veriDART


Reduce illness-related absences
Improve academic performance
Support facilities master planning & execution
Meet code requirements & ESG commitments for decarbonization
Enhance competitiveness for federal & state grant funding opportunities
Communicate facility safety to parents, teachers, faculty, boards of education & key stakeholders

What our customers say

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“SafeTraces’ program has been and will continue to be invaluable to our long-term planning and performance management for capital improvements, maintenance, operations, and enhance public trust in our school facilities.”

Daniel Drake
Executive Director of Facilities Services
Atlanta Public Schools

"The data that veriDART testing provided our school helped map out school operations and optimize use of school resources. Parents, students, and staff felt more confident about their safety at school."

Wayman French
Head of School
The Friends School of Atlanta

"veriDART has proven to be an innovative tool in assisting with our return to campus preparations. We collect insight of our HVAC systems and unparalleled information about airflow migration that was not previously possible."

David Hunt
CIH | Manager, Environmental Health & Safety Office of Risk Management
Carleton University

"veriDART assessments provide eyes on unseen ventilation issues and verify HVAC efficiencies to produce optimal indoor air quality; inevitably protecting employees from potentially harmful infectious aerosol exposures."

Donald D. Elswick
CIH | Executive Director
University of Alabama

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