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Our Process

veriDART is a biotechnology-enabled service that directly measures pathogen mitigation for safe and sustainable indoor spaces.


Performance Tests

SafeTraces analyzes expected building performance based on design and operations using ASHRAE’s equivalent air change calculator, along with proprietary ROI calculator analysis focused on potential cost, energy, and carbon savings


Commissioning & Verification

Certified providers conduct field measurement & verification of representative high density occupancy areas and other priority areas according to standardized test protocols using SafeTraces patented tracing technology.


Analytics & Optimization

Performance analytics visualize test results, highlight deficient areas with recommended actions & summarize cost, energy & carbon efficiency opportunities; building-level analytics feed portfolio-level tracking & benchmarking (API integrations to BMS).


Recurring Commissioning & Verification

UL Verified Ventilation & Filtration annual verification program integrates into capital improvements, service & maintenance, compliance, LEED, WELL, and other building verifications & ESG-focused programs.

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