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Strengthening Health, Safety, and Wellness

Industry leaders and service professionals choose veriDART® to help their clients verify ventilation and filtration performance.

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Improve HVAC performance, service, and maintenance


Reduce cost, energy, and carbon penalties, and extend HVAC useful life

In Action

“veriDART assessments provide eyes on unseen ventilation issues and verify HVAC efficiencies to produce optimal indoor air quality; inevitably protecting employees from potentially harmful infectious aerosol exposures.”

- Donald D. Elswick, CIH | Executive Director, University of Alabama
The University of Alabama



Improve HVAC commissioning


Verify efficacy of HVAC repairs and upgrades with pre- and post-assessments

In Action

“To use physical aerosols to show the rate in which viral aerosols reduce, disperse, and verify the effect of filtration media within the space is information you would not be able to capture if it weren’t for veriDART.”

- Lauren M. Wallace, LEED Fellow | Principal, Director of Certifications & Consulting at Epsten Group
Epsten Group



Improve IAQ, IEQ, health & wellness, and compliance


Reduce aerosol exposure risk, strengthen public trust, and maintain compliance

In Action

“I would definitely recommend veriDART to building managers and safety professionals, as it goes above and beyond– providing more valuable dispersion model data over traditional indoor air quality studies with spot check measurements.”

- Mike Truong, CIH | EHS Manager, Samsung Semiconductor, Inc.
Samsung Semiconductors

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UL Verified Ventilation and Filtration, powered by SafeTraces

Leveraging veriDART, UL’s Verified Ventilation and Filtration program provides building owners and operators the first performance mark for aerosol removal efficiency with the healthy builder leader.

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Certified Professionals Program

SafeTraces offers a half-day online certification course for field service providers. Only Certified Professionals are able to deliver veriDART as a service to their own or SafeTraces clients.

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