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Delivering Sustainable Indoor Air Quality

Engineering and service professionals choose veriDART to test, verify and commission engineering controls for safety and sustainability.

Become a Certified Professional
Become a Certified Professional

Select Service Delivery Partners

Service Lines

Consulting Engineers

Enhance and differentiate building services focused on mechanical performance, IAQ, and energy efficiency

Cx Agents & TAB Contractors

Verify equivalent air change rates, airflow, air distribution, and air balance.

Energy Managers

Conduct performance testing & energy modeling to optimize cost-, energy-, & carbon-efficiencies.

HVAC OEMs & Controls Providers

Enhance hardware and software product performance for IAQ and energy efficiency.

LEED & WELL Professionals

Earn credits and points towards LEED, WELL, and other third-party building verification programs.

Testing Inspection & Certification Professionals

Support compliance with ASHRAE, USP, ISO, and other standards linked to ventilation, filtration, pressurization, and surface contamination.

Industrial Hygienists

Verify engineering controls to prevent occupational exposures to airborne pathogens and contaminants.

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“Using physical aerosols to show the rate in which viral aerosols reduce, disperse, and verify the effect of filtration media within the space is information you would not be able to capture if it weren’t for veriDART.”

Lauren M. Wallace
LEED Fellow | Principal, Director of Certifications & Consulting
Epsten Group

“During the pandemic SafeTraces helped us provide safe environments for our clients. We continue to use their data-driven tech today to improve the ventilation effectiveness of hospitals and implement decarbonization strategies."

Steven Straus
PE LEED AP | Mechanical Engineer
Tetra Tech High Performance Buildings Group

"SafeTraces' aerosol tracing assessment validates the effectiveness of the system design for air changes and removal of contaminants for a healthier space."

Doug Mass
Cosentini Associates - A Tetra Tech Company

"The ability to map and track aerosols throughout the facility over specified time periods has elevated the Indoor Air Quality assessment industry by providing quantifiable data and better decision making.”

Christopher P. Shaw
CIH | Industrial Hygiene Project Manager
Apex Companies, LLC

Find out how our data can make your indoor air safer and sustainable

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