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SafeTraces Products

For indoor air quality verification, on-product traceability, and sanitation verification.

veriDART empowers enterprise real estate owners-operators to optimize IAQ and energy efficiency, meet code and compliance requirements, and publicly communicate building safety and ESG.

The veriDART Platform

Field Verification Service

Certified service providers leverage patented tracer technology for high quality performance assessments of HVAC systems and air cleaners.

Cloud-Based Software

Visualized performance analytics baseline, benchmark, and optimize indoor air quality and energy efficiency across enterprise real estate portfolios.

UL Verified Ventilation & Filtration

First & only performance-based building verification mark publicly communicates HVAC system safety & ESG.

Our Process
Our Process


Reduce infectious aerosol exposures, productivity loss, and healthcare cost.
Reduce utility, service & maintenance costs, and rightsize major capital expenditures.
Reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions from HVAC system operations (> 10%).


On-Product Traceability and Authentication

miniDART® is the most cost-effective, scalable on-product traceability solution for pharmaceutical and food products. It uses unique edible, invisible DNA-based tags (FDA-GRAS) that are applied directly to the product or ingredient.

How It Works


Use the miniDART dispenser and injector to generate unique, lot-level DNA tags on-site, on-demand.


Apply flavorless, FDA-GRAS DNA tags directly to the product or ingredients during normal processing.


Downstream partners can use a test kit and an off-the-shelf reader to confirm authenticity, origin, or quality within 25 minutes.


Reduce time and costs of recalls and QC processes
Strengthen transparency, sustainability and product safety beyond compliance
Verify source and quality to mitigate fraud, diversion, and adulteration
$152 Billion

Average Cost Due to Foodborne Illness in the U.S. Each Year


Estimated Rate of Counterfeit Drugs in Online Pharmacies

miniDART gives consumers confidence in the safety and authenticity of your product.


Smarter Tools for Prevention and Outbreak Response


Rapid results enable in-process corrective actions
Support FSMA Preventive Controls and other FSQA audits
Verify efficacy and accuracy of cleaning and sanitation process
Drive continuous improvement program through data-driven process

Ensure the safety of your facility and products to prevent the risk of recalls.

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