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Corporate & Commercial Real Estate

SafeTraces data-driven testing, verification and commissioning service reduces illness-related absences, communicates workplace safety, and supports code, compliance, and ESG commitments.

Trusted by Industry & Institutional Leaders

Safe and sustainable workplaces with veriDART.


Reduce illness-related absences & negative impacts to employee productivity
Differentiate commercial properties to increase asset value & leasing rates
Reduce operating costs, energy consumption & carbon emissions from HVAC systems
Support planning & execution for capital projects and improvements
Meet code, LEED & WELL requirements & ESG commitments for decarbonization
Communicate workplace safety & ESG to employees, investors & key stakeholders

What our customers say

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"SafeTraces has been an invaluable partner in the ongoing commissioning of ProAssurance's HVAC systems and verification of indoor quality across our sites, consistently providing actionable findings and recommendations."

JC Blakely
CFM | Director of Corporate Facilities

"The accuracy of the SafeTraces veriDART assessments left a very positive impression with the management team of EPIC Fitness. We plan to employ veriDART to measure the effectiveness of any new air quality product.

Keith Bertram
President & Integrator of EPIC Fitness Group LLC, Owner & Operator of 55 Planet Fitness Locations
Planet Fitness

"I would definitely recommend veriDART to building managers and safety professionals, providing more valuable dispersion model data over traditional indoor air quality studies with spot check measurements. “

Mike Truong
CIH | EHS Manager
Samsung Semiconductor, Inc.

“The UL Verified Ventilation and Filtration Mark will become the gold standard in terms of whether or not your building is safe with respect to the recent outbreaks.”

Ted Bischak
Ocean West Capital Partners

"We rely on SafeTraces' comprehensive data to communicate how we're operating & dialing in our HVAC systems to obtain safe indoor air in support of our client's goals."

Glenn Annechino
VP Property Management
Ivy Realty

Find out how our data can make your indoor air safer and sustainable

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