Verifying Ventilation and Filtration Performance in Indoor Spaces with Real-World Data

Like never before, facility managers, employers, and indoor air quality professionals are held to the highest standards of safety and rapidly evolving health regulation. Harnessing the power of DNA, veriDART by SafeTraces verifies engineering controls and HVAC performance for airborne pathogens to keep people safe in any indoor environment.

Commercial Real Estate

Enhance workplace safety, optimize capital investment in HVAC, and instill tenant trust in indoor air quality.


Ensure the highest air safety standards for students, teachers, and staff.


Mitigate infectious aerosol exposure risk to protect patient and provider health.

How Do You Know If Your Ventilation is Adequate?

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Engineering Controls and HVAC Performance Verification

veriDART is the only liquid aerosol-based solution for verifying ventilation and filtration efficacy, leveraging aerosol tracers that safely mimic pathogen mobility and exposure.


Powered by DNA

SafeTraces harnesses the incredible power of DNA science and a SaaS platform to deliver veriDART, meeting the increasing demands for safer air to protect people indoors.


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