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Introducing the veriDART™

The First Airborne Pathogen Mobility Indicator

The COVID-19 pandemic revealed serious weaknesses in our ability to control airborne pathogens. Inspired by the power of DNA, SafeTraces has launched its groundbreaking veriDART solution.

The veriDART leverages airborne tracers that safely mimic the mobility of SARS-CoV-2 droplets and aerosols in order to identify high-risk transmission vectors, target remediation actions, and instill public trust and confidence in building safety in the time of COVID-19.


Harness the Power of DNA

Founded in 2013, SafeTraces is a mission-driven team of entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers, and safety practitioners dedicated to creating a safer, more transparent, and more sustainable world. Our groundbreaking DNA-based solutions provide valuable risk management for customers in food, pharmaceuticals, and the built environment.

See how our client Borton Fruit - one of the nation's largest apple growers - integrated the miniDART and saniDART into their food safety program to protect the quality of their products and the reputation of their brand.

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