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BREAKING NEWS - Powered by SafeTraces, UL Launches First Ever Verification Program for Aerosol Removal
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NEW VIDEO - Learn How Your Building Could Earn the UL Verified Ventilation & Filtration Mark
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RESOURCE AVAILABLE - How to Achieve Sustainable Indoor Air Quality
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FEATURED NEWS - KTVU Interviews SafeTraces: Is the Indoor Air Quality Safe?
TOP BIOTECH COMPANY - SafeTraces is Named One of Fast Company's 10 Most Innovative Companies in Biotech
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RECORDING - Discover How Your Building Could Earn the UL Verified Ventilation & Filtration Mark, powered by SafeTraces
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READ TODAY - The ROI of Ventilation: From Cost Center to Profit Center
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BREAKING NEWS - Eastridge Center is the First Shopping Mall in the US to Leverage veriDART by SafeTraces
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NEW CASE STUDIES - Cost-Effective Indoor Air Safety, Reducing Hospital-Acquired SARS-CoV-2 Infections, & Effective Disease Transmission Mitigation
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Our Technology


Earn the annual UL Solutions Verification Mark, as part of the Verified Ventilation and Filtration program to measure aerosol removal rates.

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Find your lowest-consumption safe level with veriDART® Capital Allocation Analytics and target investments for Smart HVAC Commissioning.

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Leverage proven aerosol tracing technology that safely mimics pathogen mobility and exposure risk– patented, peer reviewed, and independent lab verified.

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Customers Choose veriDART to Instill Trust in Indoor Air Safety

Hear what they have to say

"The accuracy of the SafeTraces veriDART assessments left a very positive impression with the management team of EPIC Fitness. We plan to employ veriDART to measure the effectiveness of any new air quality product or service prior to implementing it fully across our system.” 

Keith Bertram | President & Integrator of EPIC Fitness Group LLC, Owner & Operator of 55 Planet Fitness Locations

“Pacific Retail has a proud track record of leading and differentiating in all aspects of visitor, tenant, employee, and community experience, paramount of which is health, safety and wellness. By partnering with SafeTraces to utilize the best science-based technology on the market, PRCP is solidifying our commitment to ensure that our visitors can have a high degree of trust and confidence in a safe shopping experience at our retail locations.”

Najla Kayyem | Senior Vice President of Marketing, Pacific Retail Capital Partners

"The data that veriDART testing provided our school helped map out school operations and optimize use of school resources. Our community learned a great deal about the importance of safe air circulation through veriDART. Parents, students and staff felt more confident about their safety at school."

Wayman French | Head of School, The Friends School of Atlanta

"veriDART has proven to be a novel & innovative tool in assisting with our return to campus preparations. We collect valuable insight into the effectiveness of our HVAC systems and unparalleled information about airflow migration that was not previously possible, allowing us to make building adjustments and have the confidence to open our campus in a safe and effective manner."

David Hunt, CIH | Manager, Environmental Health & Safety Office of Risk Management at Carleton University

"I would definitely recommend veriDART to building managers and safety professionals, as it goes above and beyond– providing more valuable dispersion model data over traditional indoor air quality studies with spot check measurements. Where possible, EHS professionals should add this service to their workplace IAQ programs."

Mike Truong, CIH | EHS Manager, Samsung Semiconductor, Inc.

"veriDART assessments provide eyes on unseen ventilation issues and verify HVAC efficiencies to produce optimal indoor air quality; inevitably protecting employees from potentially harmful infectious aerosol exposures. For businesses that want to protect employees while maintaining regulatory guidelines, use veriDART."

Donald D. Elswick, CIH | Executive Director, University of Alabama

“SafeTraces’ veriDART technology has enabled Apex to make data driven decisions and recommendations within Client facilities which promotes healthy indoor air quality. The ability to map and track aerosols throughout the facility over specified time periods has elevated the Indoor Air Quality assessment industry by providing quantifiable data and better decision making.”

Christopher P. Shaw, CIH | Industrial Hygiene Project Manager, Apex Companies, LLC

“Using physical aerosols to show the rate in which viral aerosols reduce, disperse, and verify the effect of filtration media within the space is information you would not be able to capture if it weren’t for veriDART.”

Lauren M. Wallace, LEED Fellow | Principal, Director of Certifications & Consulting at Epsten Group

“The data from veriDART coupled with the tracer gas study as well as other aspects of the assessment provided us with sufficient confidence that we could adjust our occupancy levels back up to pre-Covid levels without compromising safety and also helped identify a few key areas where system improvements were needed. A very valuable tool indeed.”

Richard Hirsch, CIH | Sr Director EH&S at Nektar Therapeutics

“Our strategic partnership with SafeTraces provides Citadel and our clients with a unique and truly cutting-edge diagnostic tool to make informed decisions. As we like to say, SafeTraces makes the invisible, visible.”

Loren Witkin, LEED AP | CEO & Founder, Citadel EHS

“The technology behind veriDART puts RHP’s ventilation assessment services at the forefront of the IH profession and gives our clients peace of mind when managing buildings and worksites in a post-COVID world.”

Jacob Persky, CIH | Principal & Co-Founder, RHP Risk Management, Inc.

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