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Nov 15
Nov 15
Virtual (Zoom)

Starting, Scaling & Sustaining Technology-Enabled IAQ Management Across School Districts

SafeTraces Educational Webinar


This 60-min educational webinar will provide a comprehensive overview of:

  • ASHRAE's framework for IAQ management in public school districts
  • Layered technology approaches to verify, monitor, and control IAQ
  • Real-world lessons learned from a large diverse public school district in developing and implementing an IAQ program

Moderated by Erik Malmstrom, CEO, SafeTraces, this webinar will feature:

  • Serene Al-Momen, PhD, Co-Founder/ CEO, Attune
  • Aaron Lapsley, PE, Principal & Founder, System2 Consulting
  • Lori Olson, CEM, Director of Environmental Services, Clark County School District (the fifth largest US public school district in Las Vegas, NV)

This webinar will be valuable for:

  • Public school district professionals in facilities management, capital improvements, EHS compliance, and sustainability
  • Public school district administrators and board of education representatives
  • Industry practitioners, including consulting engineers, commissioning agents, TAB professionals, industrial hygienists, and energy managers

More Details:

Driven by the COVID pandemic and its aftermath, US public school districts confront persistent challenges with illness-related absences, negatively impacting budgets that are linked to student average daily attendance (ADA) levels. Numerous studies have demonstrated that improved ventilation, filtration, and indoor air quality (IAQ) reduce illness-related absences as well as improve academic performance, discipline rates, and respiratory health. Moreover, multiple states and localities are updating or considering updating building and health codes with increased IAQ requirements, which may impact schools.

However, most US public school districts currently lack a formally planned, budgeted, and operationalized IAQ management program. In response, the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) has provided a practical guide for the development and implementation of IAQ programs in educational facilities, intended for both public school districts without an existing program and those seeking to advance their existing program.

But what are the practical considerations and challenges of starting IAQ management programs in public school districts? And how can technology scale and sustain these efforts?

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