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May 28, 2019

SafeTraces Granted U.S. Patent

safeTracers™ Granted U.S. PatentDate: May 8, 2019PLEASANTON, Calif., May 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- SafeTraces, Inc. announced today that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted the company a U.S. Patent titled DNA Based Bar Code for Improved Food Traceability. The patent discloses a novel method for encoding and decoding digital information to and from DNA strands. The SafeTraces technology uses DNA strands drawn from seaweed and allows the food and agricultural industries to create and apply unique, edible, flavorless DNA barcodes directly to the food, not the packaging. These barcodes carry complete source data, stay on the food throughout the supply chain, and can be read in minutes to confirm provenance and purity of any food item.The result is a highly scalable, cost-effective way of uniquely identifying the food - not just the box or pallet - that is far superior to conventional DNA tagging. To illustrate the advantages, consider that the same infrastructure that is needed to create just thirty-two DNA barcodes using conventional methods allows SafeTraces to create and deliver over four billion DNA barcodes, representing a cost advantage of many orders of magnitude. The SafeTraces DNA barcodes, marketed as safeTracers™, can be read anywhere, anytime by minimally trained personnel in minutes, while conventional DNA barcodes require specialized laboratories, clean rooms, and highly trained personnel - a process that normally takes days and thus offers no practical operational value.The implications of this new model for the food and agricultural industries are profound: Inseparable from the food or product - unlike 2D barcodes - safeTracers represent the connecting link between the food and blockchain or other supply chain systems. Developed for low margin industries, such as fresh produce, tropical oils, and bulk foods and grains, safeTracers offer processors and consumers complete source assurance within minutes. This is particularly critical in times of food recalls, or when questions about authenticity, sustainability, or economically motivated adulteration need to be answered rapidly and accurately. safeTracers offer results in minutes - anytime, anywhere - enabling the industry to improve traceable sourcing with the ability to premium price, defend margins, and enhance brand loyalty. Consumers gain increasing certainty and trust in the quality and brand of the food they buy.Obtaining this patent further demonstrates SafeTraces' commitment to the development of next generation traceability and digital food safety technologies that enable our customers to vastly improve tracking when it comes to food. "This patent is a critical component of our IP portfolio that includes many innovations to create a more digital, transparent, and safer food system while also addressing consumer demands for quick access to information about where foods come from, how they're produced and, whether the food is the subject of an ongoing recall," said Dr. Anthony Zografos, CEO, SafeTraces, echoing a statement by the FDA Acting Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner.safeTracers™ are affirmed G.R.A.S. (Generally Regarded as Safe) by the FDA. They are part of the complete solutions offered by SafeTraces that include the IoT miniDART™ and D-ART3000 DNA barcoding systems and DNA barcode readers. The solutions use low-cost equipment that easily and seamlessly retrofits into existing production facilities and usher in a new era of food source and safety assurance.About SafeTracesSafeTraces provides the only patented on-food safety solutions that protect the food industry and consumers from food recalls, adulteration, and fraud. We are committed to providing complete, low-cost solutions that deliver results in minutes. Our traceability solutions enable customers to gain full transparency into origin, protect their brand, and reduce processing and recall costs. Our sanitation verification solutions provide insight into the effectiveness of the sanitation process – on-site and in minutes.SafeTraces was founded in 2013 and has grown into an expert team of entrepreneurs, scientists, and engineers dedicated to using nature's own DNA to make food production safer, more transparent and sustainable.Learn more about SafeTraces at www.safetraces.comSOURCE SafeTraces, Inc.

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