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June 17, 2021

Positioning For Growth In The Healthy Buildings Technology Market

By SafeTraces, Inc.
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Report by Verdantix

Excerpts provided by SafeTraces

SafeTraces is excited to have been included in a recent report by Verdantix, an independent market research leader, which highlights how Healthy Buildings have emerged as a major trend in the Smart Buildings market.

According to Verdanitx: “Since the COVID-19 pandemic, interest in healthy buildings has increased dramatically amongst employers and building technology providers, and as a result, is emerging as a major trend in the smart buildings market. This report examines the existing and emerging drivers that are propelling the trend for healthy buildings today, provides an overview of the technology landscape, offers vendors advice about capitalizing on this trend, and predicts the future direction. Smart building technology vendors should use this report to inform their healthy buildings product development and go-to-market strategies.”

Verdantix includes that:

“Even before the pandemic, there was growing evidence highlighting the business benefits of healthier buildings. For example, research conducted at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health found that doubling the standard specified indoor ventilation rate of 20 cubic feet per minute per person increased employee cognitive function, equivalent to a salary increase of $6,500 per employee per year. Healthy buildings also have the potential to add value for asset owners. A 2020 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) study found that in the US, healthy buildings achieve a rental premium of between 4.4% and 7.7% more per square foot than similar nearby non-certified and non-registered properties.”

“Real estate and human resources (HR) executives are starting to deploy indoor environmental sensors to gauge the effectiveness of new ventilation strategies and give employees peace of mind about the health of their workplaces. Firms are primarily looking to monitor IAQ, but other metrics, such as lighting, noise and temperature, are also important, to ensure occupant comfort. In our 2020 global survey, we found that 59% of real estate executives are already planning new investment in air quality sensors and analytics, to gain visibility on air quality[…] SafeTraces and UL offer services for verifying IAQ and the performance of HVAC systems.”

Verdantix subscribers can access the full report here.

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