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Dec 12
Dec 12

Launch of Testing & Cx Service of UV-C Fixtures

UV-C fixtures have seen a surge of interest and innovation during the COVID pandemic and its aftermath amidst increased public concern about indoor air quality, new building compliance requirements for the control of infectious aerosols, and the potential for cost- and energy-efficiencies relative to HVAC system-centric approaches to air cleaning.

However, many building owners-operators and industry practitioners have open questions regarding the in situ product performance of UV-C fixtures that have been difficult to answer historically and that have slowed market adoption.

In response, SafeTraces is launching the first-ever testing service to measure and verify the germicidal impact of UV-C fixtures in real world settings. Additionally, we are making this service available for product efficacy testing with selected engineering and testing laboratory partners.  

Led by SafeTraces CEO Erik Malmstrom , SafeTraces VP of Research & Development & Dr. Nick Heredia, and Aerosol Research and Engineering Labs President Jamie Balarashti, this webinar will provide:

- a technical and commercial overview of the foundational biotechnology underlying our new service

- a detailed service description and pricing

- guidance on next steps for interested building owner-operators, industry practitioners, researchers, and product manufacturers

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