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veriDART® For Safer Indoor Air

Business owners and facility managers worldwide trust veriDART® to keep indoor spaces healthy, profitable, and sustainable.

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What is veriDART® ?

The veriDART® Performance Management Platform provides building owners and occupiers actionable data to optimize HVAC systems for safety and sustainability, using patented aerosol tracing technology.

How it Works

Performance Checks

Use the veriDART® Portal to plan, execute, and manage ventilation and filtration performance.

Field Verification

veriDART® leverages aerosol tracers that safely simulate pathogen mobility and exposure.

Diagnostic Data

Gain actionable real-world data to improve building- and portfolio-level performance.

Verification Mark

Earn the first-ever verification mark for aerosol removal in the built environment, provided by UL.

Plans & Pricing

Find the Best Plan for Your Building
$0.05/sq ft*
Annual testing & cloud-based analytics to earn the UL Verified Ventilation & Filtration Mark.
Price varies by facility type & configuration.
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Customized assessment & cloud-based analytics for commissioning, IEQ programs, environmental goals, and more.
Price varies by scope of work.
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See veriDART® in Action

Now more than ever, optimizing indoor air quality for health & safety is top of mind for workplaces, schools, healthcare facilities, and other shared indoor spaces.

Results at Your Fingertips

Data Insights
The veriDART® Portal provides real-world diagnostic data following ventilation and filtration performance checks.
Heat Maps
With interactive heat maps, see the potential risk of a space and optimize HVAC safety and sustainability.
Cost Savings
veriDART® data can help reduce your building’s operating costs, service costs, and energy consumption.
Make Improvements
View your results to gain insights into where you may need to improve systems performance.

What Our Customers Have to Say

With a veriDART® subscription, you can instill trust in indoor air safety through a recurring measurement and verification program.

"The accuracy of the SafeTraces veriDART assessments left a very positive impression with the management team of EPIC Fitness. We plan to employ veriDART to measure the effectiveness of any new air quality product or service prior to implementing it fully across our system.”

Keith Bertram
President & Integrator of EPIC Fitness Group LLC, Owner & Operator of 55 Planet Fitness Locations

"By partnering with SafeTraces to utilize the best science-based technology on the market, PRCP is solidifying our commitment to ensure that our visitors can have a high degree of trust and confidence in a safe shopping experience at our retail locations.”

Najla Kayyem
Senior Vice President of Marketing, Pacific Retail Capital Partners

"The data that veriDART testing provided our school helped map out school operations and optimize use of school resources. Parents, students and staff felt more confident about their safety at school."

Wayman French
Head of School, The Friends School of Atlanta

“veriDART® has proven to be a novel & innovative tool in assisting with our return to campus preparations. We collect valuable insight into the effectiveness of our HVAC systems and unparalleled information about airflow migration that was not previously possible.”

David Hunt, CIH
CIH | Manager, Environmental Health & Safety Office of Risk Management at Carleton University

“I would definitely recommend veriDART to building managers and safety professionals, as it goes above and beyond– providing more valuable dispersion model data over traditional indoor air quality studies with spot check measurements.”

Mike Truong, CIH
EHS Manager, Samsung Semiconductor, Inc.
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