Protecting People with the Power of DNA

veriDART® is based on DNA science, technology, and analytics to provide critical information on aerosol mobility and the infectious aerosol exposure risk in buildings.

Tracer Particles

veriDART’s proprietary airborne tracers safely mimic the chemical composition, particle size distribution, and mobility of viral emissions from coughing and sneezing. The solution uses edible, invisible ingredients that are FDA Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) and are well below the OSHA- and NIOSH- safe exposure limits.

Assessment and Methodology

Professionals release tracers in designated test areas for dispersion throughout a building and air ducting. Air and surface samples are collected and tested at selected points and time periods.

Data Technology

Based on assessment results, data analytics visualize exposure risk based on the DNA signal strength in the tracers. Final client reports include heat maps, clearly communicating results and informing real-world safety decisions.

Analytics Platform

Partners and Certified Professionals gain access to the veriDART® Portal, part of the SafeTraces SaaS platform. Users leverage the portal throughout client projects, from designing and establishing test plans to delivering final results and data.

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veriDART is the only liquid aerosol-based solution that safely mimics aerosol mobility and exposure.

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