Rapid Sanitation Verification

Verify Sanitation within 25 Minutes
The SafeTraces’ saniDART™ is the first rapid solution for verifying sanitation effectiveness at a microbial level to receive certification from the Association of Analytical Chemists Research Institute (AOAC-RI).

By developing a powerful indicator for monitoring pathogenic bacteria removal with results available within 25 minutes, saniDART delivers APC-like results at ATP test-like speed.
How It Works
saniDART Spray


Use the saniDART app to map test sites and apply saniTracers to chosen sites before cleaning.

saniDART Clean


The saniTracers safely mimic foodborne pathogens as your team cleans and sanitizes.

saniDART Test


After cleaning, swab the selected areas and prepare samples for on-site testing.

saniDART Remediate


View results within 25 minutes to confirm effective sanitation or take corrective actions.

Start Using the saniDART
Rapid Sanitation Verification for Food Safety
Deliver the safest products to your consumers by ensuring effective sanitation in your facility.

Strengthen Your Food Safety Program
Now more than ever, consumers and regulators are demanding high standards and visibility into food safety practices throughout the supply chain, leaving little margin for error. Use saniDART to ensure the safety of your facility and products.

  • Efficiency: Fast results enable in-process corrective actions
  • Effectiveness: Indicate the effectiveness of your facility’s cleaning process
  • FSMA-Compliance: Support FSMA Preventive Controls and prerequisite food safety programs
  • Improvements: Correct problems in real time and improve in-house cleaning and sanitation

Customer Case Study: Borton Fruit

Borton Fruit is one of the nation’s largest apple growers and a supplier to retailers around the world. To protect the quality of their products and the reputation of their brand, Borton Fruit uses the saniDART paired with market-leading environmental monitoring software to ensure effective cleaning. As a result, Borton Fruit can give its buyers and its consumers confidence in the safety of its products.