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Optimizing Indoor Air Quality with Science and Actionable Data

veriDART®’s patented aerosol tracing technology is grounded in peer-reviewed science, providing high quality diagnostic data on HVAC performance for aerosol removal.


Water-based aerosol tracers tagged with synthetic DNA, with a unique identifier assigned to each tracer (Food & Drug Administration-Generally Recognized As Safe (FDA-GRAS)).

Particle Size

Controlled release generates particle size distribution mapped to the respiratory aerosol range.


Multiple DNA sequence capability enables safe simulation of respiratory emissions at different locations and scenario test specific areas of interest under different conditions and variables.


PCR technology quantifies DNA signals, which then are visualized in heatmaps or decay curves.

The SafeTraces Process

Watch to see how our customers and partners get their veriDART® diagnostics.

Published Research

Building and Environment

Decay rates of two tracer gases compared to DNA-tagged liquid aerosol tracer particles…

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Advances in Clinical Toxicology

COVID-19 Implications of the Physical Interaction of Artificial Fog on Respiratory Aerosols

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Building and Environment

Experimental measurement of bioaerosol concentrations and containment in long-term care environments

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US Department of Energy

Ventilation in Residential Care Environments

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Verify HVAC Performance for Aerosol Removal with veriDART®