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October 28, 2021

Ventilation Is a Key Factor in This Pandemic | Nancy McClellan

Healthy Air Episode #21
Nancy McClellan
CEO, Occupational Health Management

Guest Bio

Nancy McClellan is the CEO of Occupational Health Management. She is an award-winning industrial hygiene and safety expert with over 25 years of broad international experience practicing, teaching, and authoring to anticipate, recognize, evaluate, control, and prevent workplace health and safety hazards in high-hazard industries. She has extensive expertise in pandemic Covid-19 response management, including facility air and surface disinfection strategies and engineering controls.

Nancy has been domestically and internationally recognized for leadership service to the IH profession as the current AIHA Board of Directors Treasurer-Elect and in the recent past as a Chair and Director for the American Industrial Hygiene Association, the American Board of Industrial Hygiene, among others. She is currently Chair of the COHSE External Advisory Board, guest lecturer at the University of Michigan Graduate School of Public Health, and practicing industrial hygiene as an experienced independent consultant, subject matter expert, and sought-after international expert lecturer.

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In this episode, Nancy McClellan talks about how industrial hygiene is an art form that allows professionals to look at the larger picture of occupant health and safety. She states that industrial hygiene is well suited and well prepared for addressing pandemics. She also shares with us that as a professional she is bridging the gap between industrial hygiene know-how and controlling a biological hazard and creating tools for ABM’s clients.

Keeping air safe has never been more important. Now that we are in the next normal, it is critical that the air we breathe in shared indoor spaces is healthy and safe for continued occupancy. Are we ready to face this challenge and mitigate airborne exposure risk indoors? Welcome to Healthy Air, a podcast that talks about the future of buildings and how to keep air safe and healthy. Keep up with the latest industry trends, latest technologies, and regulatory changes with your host, Erik Malmstrom, industry experts, and the SafeTraces team here on Healthy Air.


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“The Industrial Hygiene field looks at biological, chemical, and physical hazards.”

“People bring more than 20% of contaminants indoors themselves.”

“Industrial hygienists determine how severe a biological hazard is, where it can ultimately cause death.”

“An infectious dose is qualitative when it comes to biological hazards.”

“Ventilation and aerosol transmission is a key factor in this pandemic.”

“Industrial hygienists bridge the gap in know-how and control of biological hazards through tools.”

“Occupant safety is a paramount mission for all organizations at some level.”

“Technologies are rising to the top that address efficacy and safety of the exposed.”

“The pandemic has exacerbated the shortage of industrial hygienists globally.”

“Industrial hygiene is well suited and well prepared for addressing pandemics.”


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