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July 14, 2021

‍Data Sharing Is The Name Of The Game | Ronald Ro

Healthy Air Episode #15
Ronald Ro
CEO, Awair

Guest Bio

Ronald Ro is the Chief Commercial Officer and Co-founder of Awair. He is passionate about building products that inspire. After serving his career as an Engineer at the Boeing Company, Ron worked for Samsung’s Consumer Electronics Division and its Corporate Strategy Office for four years, leading the company’s new business and technology commercialization efforts. Ron then joined Cisco’s Emerging Technology Group and was instrumental in launching, building, and scaling new products. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University, a master’s degree in Industrial and Operations Engineering, and an MBA from the University of Michigan.

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In this episode, Ronald Ro talks about healthy energy-optimized homes and the importance of sharing information. He discusses the human component of sensors and data resources. He also shares how they help consumers and business users understand their air quality score and make good decisions to make their spaces healthier.

Keeping air safe has never been more important. Now that we are in the next normal, it is critical that the air we breathe in shared indoor spaces is healthy and safe for continued occupancy. Are we ready to face this challenge and mitigate airborne exposure risk indoors? Welcome to Healthy Air, a podcast that talks about the future of buildings and how to keep air safe and healthy. Keep up with the latest industry trends, latest technologies, and regulatory changes with your host, Erik Malmstrom, industry experts, and the SafeTraces team here on Healthy Air.


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“My daughter was born with a respiratory issue, and I became triggered about air quality. Purifiers, humidifiers, anything we could do to mitigate the issues that were happening.”

“There is so much talk about making buildings tighter for energy efficiency. But what’s next for the occupants? As we optimize for energy, how do we keep our homes safe and healthy?”

“We measure 7 components of air quality, but we offer more than data. Our focus is to help all stakeholders collectively make good decisions in keeping our spaces healthy and safe.”

“Awair goes the next step in not just providing data, but then taking it a few steps further to ask, What does this mean for an individual, for their personal health and well-being?”

“Data sharing is the name of the game. The most forward-thinking clients understand the importance of sharing information, and it gives them an advantage over the competition.”

“We came up with a “0 to 100” score that could give people an easy way to digest what they’re being exposed to. Below 60 is the danger zone, and you need to take action immediately.”


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