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Rapid On-Product Traceability

The miniDART® solution is the most cost-effective, scalable on-product traceability solution for pharmaceutical and food products. It uses unique edible, invisible DNA-based tags (FDA-GRAS) that are applied directly to the product and can be read by a downstream partner with a rapid, inexpensive, on-site test to verify product source and authenticity in 25 minutes.

Applications for Product Security

With miniDART, pharmaceutical and food manufacturers and processors will meet and exceed the performance of conventional packaging and requirements of the FDA’s New Era of Smarter Food Safety initiative and the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA).The result is unsurpassed supply chain security, brand protection, and product safety. The miniDART solution delivers on-product authentication with DNA tags that leverage GS1 identifiers.

See how mimiDART works below.


Use the miniDART dispenser and injector to generate unique, lot-level DNA tags on-site, on-demand.


Apply flavorless, FDA-GRAS DNA tags directly to the product or ingredients during normal processing.


Downstream partners can use a test kit and an off-the-shelf reader to confirm authenticity, origin, or quality within 25 minutes.
$152 Billion
Average Cost Due to Foodborne
Illness in the U.S. Each Year
Estimated Rate of Counterfeit
Drugs in Online Pharmacies

Benefits of miniDART®

Consumers, patients, and regulators are demanding higher safety standards and visibility into supply chain practices. With on-product traceability, miniDART gives consumers confidence in the safety and authenticity of your product.

  • Safety – Reduce time and costs of recalls and QC processes
  • Authenticity – Verify source and quality to mitigate fraud, diversion, and adulteration
  • Brand Equity – Strengthen transparency, sustainability and product safety beyond compliance

See miniDART in Action

Borton Fruit is one of the nation’s largest apple growers and a supplier to retailers around the world. To protect the reputation of their brand, Borton Fruit uses miniDART paired with market-leading environmental monitoring software to ensure end-to-end traceability. As a result, Borton Fruit can give its customers confidence in the authenticity, quality, and safety of its products.

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