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Verifying Cost Efficient Indoor Air Quality

The veriDART® Performance Management Platform provides actionable field data across real estate & facility portfolios to keep indoor spaces healthy, profitable, and sustainable.

Regular Performance Checks

Use the veriDART Portal to plan, execute, and manage ventilation and filtration with regular performance checks.

Dilution Tests (Room-Focused)

Optimize HVAC settings to clear high density areas of aerosols

Survey Tests (Zone-Focused)

Verify aerosol mobility and identify hotspots in ≤25,000 square foot zones

Recirculation Tests (HVAC-Focused)

Verify aerosol mobility to air handling units for improved outside air and filter management

Field Verification of Ventilation and Filtration in High Density Areas

Field verification leverages veriDART, the first diagnostic solution for verifying ventilation and filtration performance using patented aerosol tracing technology.

Aerosol tracers safely simulate pathogen mobility and exposure for performance verification and management of HVAC systems.

Results at Your Fingertips
with the veriDART Portal

Benchmark and manage ventilation and filtration performance across your portfolio with diagnostic data.

Intuitive data visualization for customers and service professionals

Track portfolio level performance across buildings and time
Track building
level performance
across time
View and download your results to improve systems performance

UL Verified Ventilation & Filtration, powered by SafeTraces

Delivering the first verification mark for aerosol removal in the built environment.

Powered by SafeTraces, UL’s Verified Ventilation and Filtration program offers building owners and operators an independent, science-based evaluation to earn an annual Verification Mark with the healthy building leader.

The world’s first assessment and rating program combines a comprehensive desktop review by UL with field verification of ventilation and filtration performance using veriDART.

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The SafeTraces Process

Watch to see how our customers and partners get their veriDART® diagnostics.

With a veriDART subscription, building owners and occupiers gain actionable diagnostic data through a recurring measurement and verification program to optimize HVAC-related safety, sustainability, and savings across real estate & facility portfolios.

Instill trust in the safety of indoor air, with SafeTraces.

Real World Verification, Real World Value

Health & Safety

  • Reduce aerosol exposures and infection risk
  • Increase public trust, confidence, and peace of mind
  • Enhance IEQ programs, compliance, and employee communications


  • Optimize capital investments and operating budgets
  • Reduce risk of absenteeism, shutdowns, and adverse impacts to productivity
  • Maintain occupancy and leasing levels


  • Reduce energy and carbon penalties from ventilation and filtration
  • Meet ESG, net zero, and decarbonization goals
  • Leverage performance testing for LEED, WELL, and other verification programs

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