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CDC recently provided guidance on airborne transmission, “In public spaces and community settings, (…) studies indicate that the risk of SARS-CoV-2 transmission from fomites is low–compared with risks from direct contact, droplet transmission or airborne transmission.

For an airborne pathogen like SARS-CoV-2, best practice and regulation increasingly emphasize the critical importance of ventilation, filtration, and engineering controls to mitigate infectious airborne exposure risk in all indoor spaces. Until now, there has been limited ability to measure and verify the transmission risk and efficacy of HVAC systems.

veriDART® is the first solution of its kind to directly test how aerosols migrate, settle, and dilute in the air of occupied indoor spaces.

Applications Across Customer Industries

Commercial Real Estate

Get fast, low-cost information to target indoor air health and safety and communicate confidently with tenants or occupants.


Understand airborne transmission risk in classrooms and maximize the health and safety benefits from CAPEX and maintenance.


Measure and verify performance of critical ventilation systems and understand how infectious aerosols migrate in facilities.

The veriDART® Solution

veriDART is the only liquid aerosol-based solution for verifying ventilation and filtration controls in order to mitigate infectious aerosol spread indoors. veriDART’s indoor air tests use proprietary airborne tracers that safely mimic the release, chemical composition, and mobility of pathogens in the air in occupied spaces and the HVAC systems serving them.

  • Survey Test: Measure and verify aerosol mobility and concentration through occupied indoor spaces in order to identify hotspots and target high-value remediations.
  • Dilution Ventilation Test: Measure and verify pathogen aerosol reduction rate over time under different scenarios in order to verify HVAC performance and transmission risk in occupied rooms.
  • Recirculation Test: Measure in-room aerosols and their ability to reach HVAC filtration to verify systems effectiveness and reduce transmission risk.

Ventilation and Filtration Verification in Action

Irvine Company is the first commercial real estate company in the US to use veriDART to verify the efficacy of ventilation and filtration systems within their office properties.

Since its founding in 1864, Irvine Company has evolved into one of the premier real estate investment companies and master planners in the US. The company’s holdings consist of 126 million square feet and include more than 560 office buildings, 125 apartment communities with 65,000 units, 40 retail centers, among others.

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