veriDART® Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the veriDART spray? Is it safe? Is the DNA active?

veriDART is a safe solution that mimics the mobility and exposure levels of respiratory droplets and aerosol. It uses FDA GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) materials, is clear and odorless. DNA is used in trace amounts to safely track airborne contaminants, is non-coding and non-living. It adheres to the highest levels of product safety and is well below the OSHA and NIOSH safe exposure limits.

Can this study be performed with people occupying the space?

Yes. veriDART can be released while buildings are occupied. It adheres to the highest levels of product safety and is well below the OSHA and NIOSH safe exposure limits.

What is the particle size distribution of veriDART’s traceable aerosol?

Particle size is informed by respiratory aerosol range.

What measurements or calculation do you use to compare the aerosols releases vs. what is found through a sample?

veriDART measures the logarithmic reduction of tracers across an indoor space. The tracers are released at a known concentration at origin points and sampled across an indoor space with pump-based air samplers and surface swabs. Data analysis measures the difference in DNA detection level between the origin point and sample point and connects to diagnostic risk thresholds.

Can this be used to determine if a virus is denatured after the use of UVC or Bio ionization technology?

Not at this time, though this is something that is actively being explored.

How is veriDART priced?

The quote you receive from will be based on the type and scope of testing determined during a client needs assessment as well as building information including square footage, floor plan layout, and HVAC system configuration. Survey tests are priced based on square footage and the level of detail of analysis desired. Dilution tests are priced by number of test scenarios. Recirculation tests are priced by number of filters tested. The quote does not include the price of the test kit or the hourly charges for on-site services delivery. Reference the Pricing Guidance document under the Certified Professional Package section.

Who implements the veriDART study and design?

EHS/IH consultants as well as IAQ, HVAC, and mechanical contractors, work with SafeTraces and its Preferred Partners on a client needs assessment to determine test methodology and scope in order to provide the client with a quote and test plan. Once approved, veriDART is delivered by the consultant. A certified lab processes the samples, and SafeTraces provides the final report to consultants via the veriDART Customer Portal with their commentary and recommendations.

What is the typical duration of an in-field study?

It depends on the scope and complexity of the project. Most on-site work can be completed in 4 to 8 hours. Large studies can take multiple days.

How many tracers can be used in a study? Can the tracers be released at the same time?

veriDART currently offers 24 distinct tag solutions. They can be released simultaneously at different origin points to observe airflow across different zones.

How long do you wait after you release the tracers to collect the samples?

For survey tests, samples are usually collected 30 minutes after the spray has been released. For a typical dilution test with four air samplers, each air samplers run from 15 to 60 minutes, with samples taken at three to four intervals during the time period.

How can this technology be used outside of COVID related studies?

veriDART is valuable for a variety issues relating to air ventilation and filtration including:

  • Infection control for other airborne pathogens (e.g., influenza)
  • Supplementing building commissioning, engineering design, and testing, adjusting, and balancing (TAB) services
  • Verification of containment zones, clean rooms, and other spaces requiring high levels of indoor air quality

I’m interested in offering this technology to my clients, now what? How do I become SafeTraces certified?

SafeTraces partners with Preferred Partners and veriDART Certified Professionals to deliver veriDART. Please contact SafeTraces or the Certified Professional nearest you in our Certified Professionals Directory: Through its training partner RHP Risk Management, SafeTraces offers a veriDART Certification Program. Please contact Michael Clark, to enroll.

How does this differ from Tracer Gas studies and how can this technology complete and verify Engineering Calculations/Studies?

Gaseous compounds, such as tracer gases like sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) and nitrous oxide (N2O), are intended to validate ventilation and air containment, not necessarily as an indicator of pathogen mobility. veriDART is the first and only mobility indicator for airborne pathogens.

Do you have a sample report?

Yes. Please find it within the Certified Professional Package section or contact to receive a sample report.

Once the study is complete, how quick is the turnaround time to receive the final report?

Once the samples are received by the lab, it typically takes 7 – 10 business days for the final report to be completed. We can accelerate the turnaround time in particular cases, if necessary.

Can you collect air samples and swab samples to determine concentration of aerosols in air and surface?

We most commonly perform air sampling tests. Please contact to discuss fomite testing, if needed.