School Ventilation and Filtration

Special Offer: K-12 School Ventilation and Filtration Assessment

To support safe reopening, SafeTraces is providing our market leading veriDART solution to K-12 schools with a special limited time offer. Submit the form below to sign up and a representative will get back to you within 48 hours.

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Bring your students, teachers, and staff back to school safely, by taking advantage of this limited time offer. veriDART™ by SafeTraces leverages patented, DNA-tagged tracer particles that safely mimic aerosol mobility and exposure to identify potential infection hotspots, assess ventilation and filtration efficacy, and target COVID-19 prevention planning to the most impactful, cost-effective risk remediations. veriDART uses food-grade, water-soluble materials that are Generally Recognized as Safe by FDA (GRAS), and OSHA- and NIOSH-compliant.

For a limited time, SafeTraces is offering one of the following packages per school:

Option 1:

  • 1 Survey test to identify aerosol routes and hotspots throughout the school. Choose one (1) large area (i.e. ground floor or east wing)
  • 2 Dilution tests to identify how quickly aerosols clear a high-risk space under varying HVAC controls. Choose two (2) rooms (i.e. bathroom, gym)


Option 2:

  • 6 Dilution tests to identify how quickly aerosols clear a high risk space under varying HVAC controls. Choose six (6) rooms (i.e. music room, gym, classroom, office, bathroom, cafeteria)

Staffing will be provided by certified professionals at their market rates.

For participating school districts, additional discounts will be included if purchasing multiple orders. Details and pricing associated with the packages to be provided separately.