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May 11, 2022

Healthy Air Episode #25

Episode #25
Driving Innovation into the Built Environment | Sterling Laylock

In this episode, Sterling Laylock discusses the impact of indoor air quality in underserved communities, the new funding available to help them, and the history of the built environment and how it is progressing today.

Sterling Laylock is the Sustainable Development Director at Integrating Green Technologies. He is a graduate of the Florida A&M University School of Business and Industry. Sterling has been a sustainable development-minded behavioral economist since an early age. He believes in dramatically improving the built environment and its infrastructure by setting solutions in motion that can achieve unshakable results.

Keeping air safe has never been more important. Now that we are in the next normal, it is critical that the air we breathe in shared indoor spaces is healthy and safe for continued occupancy. Are we ready to face this challenge and mitigate airborne exposure risk indoors? Welcome to Healthy Air, a podcast that talks about the future of buildings and how to keep air safe and healthy. Keep up with the latest industry trends, latest technologies, and regulatory changes with your host, Erik Malmstrom, industry experts, and the SafeTraces team here on Healthy Air.


  • Sterling’s Path into the Healthy Built Environment Profession [1:37]
  • The Mission at Integrating Green Technologies [6:08]
  • Helping Clients to Drive Innovation [8:18]
  • Addressing IAQ for the Underserved Community [10:29]
  • Funding for Clean Air and Buildings Challenge [15:28]
  • Healthy vs Green Buildings [21:50]
  • Healthy Buildings Evolution Past, Present, and Future [26:43]
  • Tech and Data Innovations for Built Environment [32:18]
  • Experience as a Minority Business Enterprise [34:32]
  • A Call for Cooperation in Rebuilding Infrastructure [38:35]


  • Sterling’s LinkedIn:
  • Integrating Green Technologies Website:
  • Integrating Green Technologies LinkedIn:


“True sustainability is about having enough for everyone, forever, without being wasteful.”

“The true keepers of innovation are the government because they make the rules and regulations. Businesses typically exist to make a profit, but at Integrating Green Technologies, we help our clients drive innovation towards sustainability, health, and safety in the built environment.”

“At Integrating Green Technologies, we understand how the asteroid belt is the system to create value beyond what people might see.”

“To ensure healthy buildings are being built, we have to remember that buildings are built for the occupants of the building, not just for the sake of building a building.”

“We need an acceleration of the Healthy Building Movement because the people that need the healthy building initiatives the most, are not getting them.”

“We have to stop cutting off resources for people in their communities. It makes them angry. Going forward with the Healthy Buildings Movement will cause transformational progress.”

“In order for progress to happen in the built environment and beyond, we have to fail quickly and often.”