On-Product Traceability for Pharmaceuticals


Protect products against counterfeiting, tampering, and diversion with the miniDART®. The miniDART delivers on-dose traceability with safe, covert DNA tags (FDA GRAS) that uniquely leverage GS1 identifiers.

Growing Risks for Patients

Touching nearly every therapeutic class, counterfeit medications total $200 billion annually. The World Health Organization estimates that up to 50% of online medicines could be fake. Additionally, counterfeit nutraceuticals pose a serious threat to consumers as more than 50% of FDA Class I recalls between 2004 and 2012 were for dietary supplements. Product identification and traceability stop at the unit-of-sale level, leaving a gap between product and package that exposes vulnerabilities in the supply chain and creates a significant risk of counterfeiting, tampering, and diversion.


Increase in Worldwide Counterfeit
Pharmaceutical Incidents, 2002 – 2019


Estimated Rate of Counterfeit
Drugs in Online Pharmacies

The miniDART Solution

The miniDART delivers highly scalable, on-dose traceability with safe, covert safeTracers® (DNA tags), leveraging patented, on-demand tagging technology. Manufacturers generate machine-readable tags that are mixed with coating or ingredients during regular pharmaceutical production. Downstream supply chain partners can verify the authenticity, origin, and safety of a dose or its ingredients within 25 minutes more directly than with package-based serialization.

  • Anti-Counterfeiting: Protect revenue, and reduce costs and response time associated with recalls
  • Diversion Defense: Reduce price arbitrage risk with covert, GS1-compliant identifiers
  • Strengthen Saleable Returns: Authenticate the physical product within 25 minutes
  • Consumer Protection: Provide supply chain partners and consumers greater confidence in product safety

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