On-Food Traceability and Rapid Sanitation Verification

Solutions for a New Era of Smarter Food Safety

The average food recall results in $10 million in direct costs and long-term reputational damage to food companies. Moreover, rising consumer expectations and regulatory requirements are forcing food companies to modernize their food safety and quality assurance programs. Strengthen your food safety and quality assurance program with our on-product traceability and rapid sanitation verification solutions.

Customer Case Study

As one of the nation’s largest apple growers and market leaders, Borton Fruit is committed to protecting its product and reputation by continuously improving its food safety and quality assurance program. Recognizing the limitations of conventional product identification and labels, Borton integrated the miniDART™️ into the apple waxing and grading line at their state-of-the-art processing facility for fast, easy, and inexpensive on-product traceability. Borton, its buyers, and ultimately its consumers can be confident in the safety, quality, and authenticity of its apples.

About Borton Fruit

Established in 1912, Borton Fruit started out as a 20-acre piece of farmland and blossomed into one of the largest single growers of apples, pears, and cherries in the United States. Today, Borton Fruit is fueled by a desire to grow, pack and ship high-quality fruit that will provide the freshest, most flavorful eating experience possible.

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