veriDART Release Notes

veriDART® Release Notes

veriDART Portal

Date: 06/14/2021

New Features

  • Project Scope

The Project Scope is a subset of of the Data Collection Form.  It provides a concise summary of a project by Test.

It can be found on the project view page by clicking on a project in the project list and then clicking on project scope.


Date: 06/03/2021

New Features

  • Floor plan image cropping tool

Upon uploading a floor plan image file, the user will be guided through the steps that:

  1. Merge the users selected floor plan image with the standard template image
  2. Cropping the selected floor plan image
  3. Converting the floor plan image to grayscale
  4. Renaming the floor plan file

This feature enables the user to have more control of how the floor plan appears in the results presentation.


Date: 04/30/2021

New Features

  • Visualizer Online

User can now name and place Origin and Sample Points within the veriDART Portal.

The following pages provide detailed explanations on how to use the visualizer within the portal:

Placing and naming Origin and Sample Points for a General Survey test

Placing and naming Origin and Sample Points for Dilution test


Version: v1.0.0

Date: 12/15/2020

New Features

  • Create Projects with multiple tests
  • Set up tests that can be either a General Survey test or a Dilution test with multiple scenarios
  • Upload and download floorplan image files and associate files to segments
  • Assign Plate Kind for segments in General Survey test and design test plan
  • Develop Dilution test plan by specifying tag used at each Origin Point (OP)
  • View and print Labels and checklists
  • View and print Laboratory requirements checklist

Fixed Issues

  • Test plans were using Sample Point (SP) numbers, which was different than sample numbers. Test plans will now use sample numbers instead.
  • Tags can be changed for each Origin Point even after a test plan is created for a Dilution test, a feature that will help with last minute changes when testing.
  • Interval Duration for Dilution test can now be anywhere within the range of 1 to 15 minutes.
  • Description for scenarios in a Dilution test were not being saved. Now scenarios can have a description that can be updated.
  • Number of scenarios can be updated for a Dilution test anytime until the test is completed.


  • User can update number of SP, Plate Kind, number of scenarios for a test even after a test plan is created for that test
  • Sample Numbers are available for each sample collected from a Sample Point
  • Sample Numbers are now numbered sequentially between tests in a project
  • Access to veriDART Documentation from Portal

Known Issues

  • For General Survey tests, the plateId count is not restarted after editing the plate kind for segments.
  • User has to log in to veriDART Portal again if the current session expires. Each session expires 24 hrs after logging in.

veriDART Visualizer


Date: 12/21/2020

Initial Release