veriDART® Project Configuration Planning

Welcome to veriDART by SafeTraces

veriDART is the first and only liquid aerosol-based solution for verifying engineering controls and HVAC performance in order to mitigate viral spread indoors. veriDART’s proprietary airborne tracers safely mimic the chemical composition, mobility, and effect of ventilation and filtration for aerosol contaminants.

veriDART has four core offerings, the General Survey Test, Dilution Test, Mini-Survey Test, and Recirculation Test.

Test Types and Descriptions

1. Survey Test

  • What: Verify aerosol migration over distance.
  • Why: This test can be conducted under baseline conditions as well as many different scenarios to gain an understanding of environmental conditions, natural and mechanical ventilation effects on air quality and migration.
  • Where: Typically conducted over a large area and may include offices, restrooms, open areas, break rooms, conference rooms, trafficking areas, etc.

2. Dilution Test

  • What: Verify aerosol reduction or elimination over time.
  • Why: This test is typically used to gain an understanding about aerosol reduction in high-risk areas or environments.
  • Where: Typically conducted in more isolated areas such as rest rooms, conference rooms, elevators, break rooms, etc.

3. Mini-Survey Test

  • What: Verify aerosol migration over a smaller distance or area than the Survey Test
  • Why: This test is a more focalized Survey Test and is often used as a follow-up test for areas that may have unexpected results in either the Survey and/or Dilution Tests.

4. Recirculation Test

  • What: Verify aerosol migration through the HVAC Duct system.
  • Why: This test is typically used to monitor the aerosol flow through the HVAC Filtering system of many areas. Can also be used to determine if multiple zones are communicating.
  • Where: Typically, several areas are selected as release points while the samples are collected both upstream and downstream of the filters or Air Handling System(s) over one or more zones.

Items Needed to Plan a Project

  1. veriDART Certification
  2. Statement of Work
  3. Project Scope
  4. Facility/Floor Diagram
  5. veriDART Portal Access