Updating Solution Levels

Updating Solution Levels

Before the Dispense Operation starts, the system determines if there is enough media to complete the operation. If there is insufficient media, the user is prompted to add more media.

  • Regularly inspect media container to verify that the tracked solution levels reflect actual volume levels.
  • Provide accurate volume information so that the miniDART™ can track volumes and provide helpful prompts.

The left panel provides status bars that reflect the current level of each solution. Only the media and waste are used.

The red x indicates that an update is required. How to update these values is described below.

Update Media Volume

The media container will need to be refilled with distilled water regularly because media is used for dispensing DNA Barcode reservoirs and for priming and cleaning when needed.

If this prompt appears, add a measured amount of distilled water to the container labeled MEDIA.

The maximum recommended volume is 5 Liters.

Update the level on the tablet to reflect the current volume in the MEDIA container. The miniDART tracks the volume to ensure enough distilled water is available to complete each process.

  1. Tap on the edit icon for media.
  2. Enter the current volume (in Liters).
  3. Save the new value by tapping UPDATE.

Update Waste Volume

When priming and if a clean is needed (usually if something has gone wrong), you will need to reset the waste level and capacity.

The miniDART provides a prompt if the waste level gets too high.

Dispose of waste in accordance with local laws and regulations.

Update the level and capacity to reflect the new waste bag.

  1. Tap on the edit icon for waste.
  2. Enter the current volume (in Liters). When the container is empty, enter 0.0.
  3. Enter the capacity in Liters (0.5L for waste bags).

Save the new level by tapping UPDATE.

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