Stopping a Dispense and The Cleaning Cycle

Stop Operation

Once Dispense Mode is “running,” the option to “stop operation” becomes available.


  • The only recommended instance for using STOP OPERATION is in case of malfunction, such as a leak or if a solution runs out (e.g., if levels were updated on the tablet but tanks were not refilled).
  • Stopping operation invalidates the safeTracers™ solution and the QR code associated with it:
    the reservoir and its contents must be discarded.
  • Stopping operation prompts a mandatory cleaning cycle.

Cleaning Cycle

The miniDART™ is programmed to carry out specific functions to ensure that there is no mixing of DNA Barcodes in certain situations.

When prompted for a clean cycle, attach a waste bag and tap on START CLEANING OPERATION to begin. But first, be sure the media solution is replenished, and that media and waste volumes are updated on the tablet.

Once the status changes from “Ready” to “Running,” the cleaning cycle takes approximately 10 minutes to complete.

The cleaning cycle is finished when the System Information status (upper left) changes to “Completed” and the message “Please remove waste bag and insert a new reservoir” appears.

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