Processing Samples

Processing Samples

Navigate to the miniDART® Client Portal using the customer drop down on this site.

Connect to the Chai QPCR by entering the IP Address displayed on the Chai panel if the it is connected to your WiFi network.

To connect to the Chai QPCR using a USB cable:

  1. turn on the Chai, wait until it completes booting
  2. plug in the USB Mini into the Chai and the other end into your computer
  3. use IP Address

Click Connect

Once the test strips have been loaded into the Chai click Run Test

Verify the strips are loaded correctly

  • Blue in back
  • Red in front
  • Numbers to the Left

Click Run Test to start processing

After a few moments, remaining time will be shown

When processing completes the production line and details will be presented

If the details cannot be determined, only the production line info with be shown

Should there be no match at all, the DNA Barcode couldn’t be determined from the sample

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