miniDART™ Dispenser Setup

Physical Set-Up

Establishing Connections

The Samsung Galaxy tablet provides the interface that operates the miniDART Dispenser. It also connects to the portal that generates the DNA Barcodes.

In order to operate the miniDART Dispenser, the tablet must be paired to the dispenser and connected to the internet. See below for additional set-up information:

  1. Ensure the ethernet cable connects the miniDART Dispenser to your network.
  2. miniDART Dispenser power: If miniDART is not on (Scanner on right lighting periodically, LEDs on front lit up) press the power button once to turn the instrument on. It may take a minute for the green LED to light up after pressing the power button.
  3. WiFi connection: follow the instructions in the Galaxy tablet manual for establishing an internet connection.
  4. Bluetooth connection:
    If the tablet is not already paired with the miniDART, do so in the tablet’s Bluetooth settings. Refer to the Galaxy tablet manual for pairing a Bluetooth device.
  5. Login: Open the SafeTraces production app. Enter your email and password, then tap on SIGN IN.
  6. Launch the SafeTraces app. Tap on Connection. Select the Safetraces miniDART by tapping on the serial number.  The connection window should close automatically if connection is successful.
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