Injector Code Reservoir

Changing the Code Reservoir

  1. Tap the “Change Reservoir” button.
  2. Remove the current Code Reservoir from the system. Dispose of it properly.
  3. Hold the code reservoir up to the barcode scanner to read it into the system.
    Note: The Serial Numbers on the code reservoir must match one of those on the screen.
  4. Hang the new reservoir on the hook in the injector next to the scanner. Connect it to the quick-connect fitting below.  Listen for the click.

    1. If the injector tells you the purge bag is full and prompts you to change it, remove the purge bag and replace it with an unused one. Dispose of the full purge bag.  Tap “change purge bag.”
  5. Tap “Start Purge.” The injector will take a short time to ready the new DNA Barcode by pumping some fluid through to the purge bag.

Associating Product Information with the Code Reservoir

When a Code Reservoir is installed on the miniDART™ Injector, the product and batch fields can be filled by tapping the boxes next to them.  This information will be saved to the SafeTraces Client Portal and tied to the Code Reservoir.

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