Dispensing DNA Barcodes

When dispensing, the miniDART™ delivers 500 mL of a DNA Barcode to the code reservoir. Dispensing requires sufficient media volume, that the cartridge and code reservoir are properly attached, and that the tablet is setup.

Dispense Procedure

      1. Attach a new code reservoir to the miniDART dispenser.
      2. Select which production line the reservoir is being made for by tapping the production line icon in the “Enter Product Info” panel and choose the line.
      3. Enter the Product ID/SKU and Lot Number by tapping those fields (this can also be changed later at the miniDART Injector).
      4. Tap “Request DNA Barcode.” Verify the information is correct and tap “Request Barcode.”
        To edit the information entered when the reservoir was installed: tap on EDIT (1, below), edit the information (2), then tap on SAVE (3). The product and lot information can still be edited after requesting the barcode (See below).  The line cannot be edited.
      5. To start the dispense, tap “Start Barcoding Operation.”

      • Check that the media container reflects the volumes shown system information (left panel). Edit volumes as needed.  If the container looks low, even if there may technically be enough for the operation, consider refilling it anyway.
      • Once the request for a new DNA Barcode is selected, stopping the operation invalidates the DNA Barcode, the QR code on the code reservoir, and the reservoir’s contents.

      Once the dispense begins, the status will change to “Preparing to Run” and then to “Running,” as shown below.

      • Dispense volume and weight: Each dispense cycle delivers 500 ml of SafeTracers™ solution. One way to check that the system is functioning correctly is to weigh the reservoir at the end of the dispense cycle. It should weigh approximately 515-540 grams (500 mL solution + weight of code reservoir).
      • Dispense cycle run time: A dispense cycle takes about 20 minutes to complete.
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