Creating a New Project

This video demonstrates the process of creating a new Project in the veriDART® Portal.

Creating a New Project Quick Steps

1. Sign into the veriDART Portal:

2. Under “My Projects” add a new project

3. Under “Create Project Form” enter all information

4. Under “My Projects” find your test and add “New Test”

5. Under “New Test Form” enter all information and Test Type(s)

6. Under “Test Details” Tab enter all information

Air Pump Rates:

  • 2.5 l/m for Single Channel Pump
  • 2.5 l/m for Four Channel Pump

Plate Kind:

  • Plate A and B are typically used for Survey Test
  • Plate C is typically used for Dilution, Mini-Survey, and Recirculation Tests

7. Click on “Project Details” Tab and upload the floor plan

  • Floor plans must be uploaded for each test
  • Rename the floor plan. Ex. Test 1 Survey, Test 2 Dilution, etc.
  • Crop if needed
  • Upload

8. Under the “Project Details” Tab enter the Lot Number and Expiration Date for the Tag that you selected

9. Under “Test” click on your test to return to the “Test Details” page and upload your floor plan

10. Click on Floor Plans, drag and drop your Origin Points and Sample Points to the correct locations on the map. Name your Origin and Sample Points

  • Remember: All Origin Points have an adjacent Sample Point and are named the same

11. Continue the same steps for each remaining projects

12. Once all tests have been created, click on “Project Configuration” Tab to review your project

  • Red comments are indications that there is missing information or information is in error. Correct and review again. Print
  • Click on “Labels and Materials” to print labels and download the “Order Form”