Changing the Cartridge and Priming

Changing a Cartridge

Your miniDART™ Dispenser has been set up with a new cartridge.  Eventually, it will need to be replaced.  The tablet operator app will warn you when the cartridge is getting low and inform you when it needs to be replaced.


  • Keep the cartridge in its shipping carton until ready to install.
  • Reuse the packing material when returning the used cartridge.
  1. Open the shipping container and inspect for leakage or damage.
  2. Lift the new cartridge with care and place it next to the miniDART, facing towards you (logo side). Make note of the new cartridge’s serial number to verify it later in the app.
  3. Remove the top panel on the miniDART and set it aside.
  4. If a used cartridge is in place:
    1. Remove the fluid connections.
    2. Reach down on the right side (fluid side) and release the latch by rotating it a quarter turn counterclockwise.
    3. Slide the cartridge slightly to the right to release the tab/latch on the left side (cable side). Tilt the left side up to gain better access to the cable connections.
    4. Remove the cables (Pull only on the connectors, not the cables). Note that there is a connector latch on the bottom of the connector which needs to be squeezed to release the connector.
    5. Once cartridge is disconnected, lift it by the handle straight out through the top.
    6. Repack the used cartridge in the new cartridge packing carton the same as received. Pack for return shipment to Safetraces; contact Safetraces support for shipping instructions.
  5. Install the new cartridge:
    1. Ensure the latch on the bottom right of the miniDART Dispenser interior is rotated counterclockwise and clear.
    2. Lower the cartridge into location with the left side tilted up to allow easier access for the electrical connectors.
    3. Attach both electrical connectors. Note that the bottom connector on the cartridge is smaller than the top.   Push each in fully until the connector latch clicks.
    4. Lower the cartridge all the way down into location. Slide the cartridge slightly to the right to ensure the left side tab/latch is clear.
    5. Rotate the twist latch on the right side a quarter turn until it clicks. Pull upwards on the cartridge handle to ensure both sides are properly latched. Fold the handle down.
    6. Attach the fluid connections.
    7. Replace the top panel of the miniDART.

  • The system monitors the level of use, and the tablet provides the status of the cartridge in terms of % used. The message “level may be low” will display as the cartridge nears depletion.
  • The frequency for replacing a cartridge depends on such factors as the number of production lines being supported and the metering rate of the DNA Barcode into the product coating delivery line.
  • The shelf life of the cartridge is one year after installation. Once DNA Barcode are dispensed into a code reservoir, they are valid for one month.
  • The expiration date of a cartridge and code reservoirs is managed by the SafeTraces client portal.

Priming Operation

Priming is required whenever a new cartridge is installed. Priming may also be prompted when the system determines that a “reset” is needed. When the prime operation is prompted, attach a waste bag and note the following indications that the system is ready to start:

  • All solution volumes are updated: green check mark next to Media and Waste.
  • Green check mark next to “Ready” under “Prime Required”
  • START PRIMING OPERATION option is available


Once priming starts:

  • System Information (upper left corner) changes from “Idle/Standby” to “Priming”
  • “Ready” changes to “Running”


Once priming is complete:

Remove the waste bag and dispose of it.  The status of each system component updates to indicate the next step. In the example below note the following:

  • As seen on the bottom left of the screen, the value for the waste level has increased.
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