veriDART® Certified Professional Package

Congratulations on becoming veriDART® certified! To help get you started with implementing assessments for clients and your company, please review and download the below materials.

To Share with your prospective Clients or within your Company:

For Internal Use within your company, please find the below documents:

Certification Information

Levels and Focus

  • Administrator: veriDART Process, Sales and Marketing
  • Trainer: veriDART Process, Sales and Marketing, Project Set-Up (Portal), and Execution
  • Project Manager: veriDART Process, Sales and Marketing, Project Set-Up, and Execution
  • Technician: Project Set-Up and Execution

Expiration and Certificate Types

All certificates expire one year from last certification or recertification date. First-time certification is offered monthly and recertification is offered bi-annually.

  • Certificate of Attendance: Administrator
  • Certified Trainer: Trainer and Project Manager
  • veriDART Certification: Project Manager
  • veriDART Support: Technician