Attaching a New Code Reservoir or Waste Bag

What you’ll be using: 

A Code Reservoir is a single-use bag with a serial number and QR code that is read by the miniDART™. The miniDART Dispenser fills the reservoir with safeTracers™ to create the DNA Barcode. Product and Batch information can be tied to the reservoir at the miniDART Dispenser or Injector.

A waste bag is used when priming or cleaning is needed to collect unusable fluid from the Dispenser so it can be disposed of.

The tablet provides prompts for when a new Code Reservoir or waste bag is needed. Never re-use a reservoir or waste bag.


Installation instructions:

  1. Rotate the fitting at the bottom of the bag so it points in the same direction as the QR code label.
  2. On the miniDART Operator App, tap CHANGE RESERVOIR
  3. Scan the QR code
  4. Hang the bag on the black hook.
  5. Remove the protective cap on the bag’s connector and plug the quick-connect fitting into the port labeled CODE-OUT. Listen for the click and tug gently to ensure the fitting is secure.  Damage can occur if the fitting is not connected correctly, so do not proceed if it does not click.
Never start a Prime, Dispense or Clean operation without a Code Reservoir or Wastebag attached.
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